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Come in and ask Johnny to make you the perfect California roll

Have A Craving For Sushi, But Stuck With A Friend Who Thinks Of Sushi As Just "Dead, Raw Fish"?

When you know and love Japanese food and your friends don't, Kokyo is the perfect solution. Fabulous sushi that you would expect from a top notch establishment for you and delicious alternative meals for your friends who have not yet come to appreciate sushi in the same way as you have.

A Bento Box should be your first recommendation for friends who are sushi-averse. There are four delicious kinds to choose from. They are very filling and will have particular appeal to people who don't like straying from familiar tastes and textures. Each one includes a soup, green salad, rice, two pieces of shrimp tempura and three pieces of vegetable tempura, three tasty fried dumplings (Gyoza), three pieces of cucumber roll, three pieces of salmon roll (these can be replaced if requested) and your choice of sweet Teriyaki chicken, beef, salmon or seafood. There's a fifth vegetarian option as well which you can read about below.

Of course, you know that Japanese food is much more than raw fish and seaweed. And Chef Johnny has created a range of delicious dishes specifically for your less adventurous friends - meals that are tasty and that look more familiar.

There are five varieties of Japanese pizza on the menu. It's a Japanese twist on a North American classic. Each one is made on a base of sweet deep fried sushi rice. They are all delicious, however, the California Pizza (#8) in particular comes highly recommended. Toppings include spicy mayonnaise, crisp cucumbers, creamy avocado and Kani. Very yummy!

If they are a little bit adventurous, they can try the Kokyo Roll (shown here). The staff at Kokyo know great food and of all the fully cooked rolls on the menu, this is a staff favorite. It's made with delicious Yellow Tail Tuna. This type of tuna is the highest quality of tuna available and has a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth taste that is out of this world. The combination of crispy salmon skin, barbequed eel and avocado barrages your tongue with an array of pleasurable sensations and tastes.

Insider tip: The staff agree unanimously: If you're deciding between the Kokyo Roll (#2) and the Cooked Roll (#5), although the Cooked Roll is good, you should definitely go for the Kokyo Roll. It's the hands-down winner according to a poll of Kokyo employees.

And if these choices don't whet their appetite, speak with your server about some of the many other options.

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