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Interested In Trying Sushi In Toronto For The First Time, But Unsure Where To Go?

If you are trying sushi for the first time and are unsure which Toronto sushi restaurant you should pick, stop searching now. At Kokyo, you can be sure you will be getting some of the best prepared sushi in Toronto without the high prices of the "haute nourriture" restaurants. You can relax in this comfortable, unpretentious space while helpful and experienced servers guide you through the selection process for your first-time sushi experience.

One of the most popular choices amongst Toronto sushi lovers is the 14-piece sushi combo (Premium Combo A if you're looking at the menu) shown here. You can't go wrong with this great selection of quality fish. You get three kinds of tuna including the Hamachi (yellow tail) with its fabulous "melt in your mouth" texture,mouth" texture, as well as delicate tasting salmon. You get to experience high quality
cuts for which you would have to pay a lot more money at other so-called authentic Japanese restaurants. To round out your meal, add a few additional pieces from the a la carte menu. Ask the expert servers for recommendations.

Another option is to simply let your server know that this is the first time you've visited a Toronto sushi restaurant and ask for an assortment of pieces from the a la carte menu. They will ask you a few questions to determine what items will best suit your tastes. Then simply leave it in their hands and they'll prepare a delicious array of items to taste and compare.

Or here's another excellent choice: Johnny's Special Roll. This is one of the two most popular items on the menu and the absolute best value for your money. This is one of Chef Johnny's unique creations and it's so much better than the Rainbow Roll that you'll see as a standard offering at so many other places. It has five different kinds of fish instead of the usual three. With spicy mayo and tempura bits, this roll provides you with a whole range
of textures, flavors and sensations to thrill your tongue. Oh yes! This is a definite must try.

And unlike pretentious nouveau cuisine establishments, you won't be asking, "Where's the fish?" The sushi combo plates are generous and filling.

Insider tip: If it's your first time eating sushi, don't order mackerel (Saba). This strongly flavored fish is an acquired taste and best left for seasoned sushi lovers who are looking for a new taste experience. The same applies even more so to sea urchin (Uni).

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