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Toronto Sushi Experts Agree

If you are a Sushi or Sashimi connoisseur, you will not be disappointed with your Toronto Sushi or Sashimi experience at Kokyo. You will be hard pressed to find a better prepared Sushi at any Toronto Japanese restaurant, no matter what price you pay.

If you want an expensive, five star dining experience with minimalist décor, gimmicks galore and a high-concept sushi bar, you won't find it here.

What you will find in this unpretentious and comfortable space is phenomenal food.

Although he's been featured in local media and on CBC television, Chef "Johnny" Zhenge is not so much a restaurateur as he is a person who is wildly passionate about quality fish. Make no mistake about it, Sushi and Sashimi is the raison d'être here. Unless you love to talk about the texture of fine salmon or the quality of today's yellow tail, conversations with Zhenge will be short.

You can always be assured of fresh fish from the market daily. Between visits of his loyal followers and the generous amounts of fish used in all the dishes, Kokyo goes through a lot of fish. Some weeks, Chef Johnny may go through 500 pounds of Salmon and Tuna.

And it's just not any Tuna. Even though it is much more expensive, he insists on the generous use of yellow tail, the highest quality of tuna available only from Japan. In fact, he goes through about twice the amount of yellow tail as a typical Toronto Japanese restaurant of the same size.

And at this marvelous Toronto sushi spot, you can get this quality at a fraction of what you would pay in your typical Japanese haute cuisine establishment.

And rather than just being presented with "pretty food", you'll find that flavors and textures actually live up to their appearance.

And while you can have a truly authentic Japanese sushi experience, Kokyo is not the least bit tied down by tradition. Many of the classic Japanese meals are modified in Chef Johnny's inimitable way and certainly must be tried on one of your visits.

Among these is the Johnny's Special Roll (shown here). This is one of the most popular items amongst Toronto sushi lovers and offers great value for your money. This is Chef Johnny's unique twist on the standard Rainbow Roll. It has five different kinds of fish instead of the usual three. With spicy mayo and tempura bits, this roll provides you with an incredible range of textures, flavors and sensations to thrill your tongue. A definite must try.

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