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Come in and ask Johnny to make you the perfect California roll

Finally, A Toronto Japanese Restaurant That Serves Something For Vegetarians Besides California Rolls

Even vegetarians can enjoy great vegetarian Japanese food with their friends without being stuck to eating cold Maki rolls. There are lots of choices at Kokyo.

The Vegetarian Rolls (#6 shown here) are delicious and the top choice for vegetarians coming to Kokyo. Particularly scrumptious is the Yam Tempura Roll (6B). This large and rich tasting roll is made with sweet potato and topped with creamy avocado. The Kokyo staff say that it's their favorite vegetarian choice on the menu.

That's not to say the other vegetarian options aren't delicious. The California Pizza (shown here) is a terrific vegetable-only pizza option. This unique pizza is made on a base of sweet, deep fried sushi rice. This is topped with a magnificent selection of diced vegetables including a variety of mushrooms, pickled radish, cucumber, avocado and gobo.

Just ask your server to point out other Japanese vegetarian food options on the menu. You'll be surprised by the number of choices available to you.

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